7 Pro Tips to Buy Better Quality at Ross Dress for Less

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In recent years, we’ve heard people talk about “fast fashion”. The idea of continuously having to buy more and more clothes to keep up with trends has completely altered the way clothes are manufactured.

In my teenage days, clothing could last a decade. In fact, I still own a jacket I’ve had since I was 14 and still wear it to this day (#noshame).

But these days, you buy a sweater and by the second winter, it’s completely disfigured, faded, and looks awful.

The laundering game hasn’t changed much, so why has our clothing started to deteriorate so much faster?

This, my friend, is the heart of fast fashion.

It’s the idea that people will abandon trends so fast that the clothing doesn’t have to be made to last that long.

As a frugal person, I hate this concept of waste.

I don’t want disposable clothing.

I want clothing that I can wear proudly for a decade and everyone still thinking I just bought it (cause you know trends repeat, haha).

But, it is quite a challenge to find clothing that meets this criteria and still be affordable.

Enter Ross.

Ross is one of my favorite places to shop, not because it’s cheap, but because as a frugal person, I look for the value in comparison to the price. And Ross fits the bill perfectly.

But, if you’re looking at Ross from the surface, you’ll argue that Ross is the epitome of fast fashion.

And you’d be right in your theory.

Many of their clothes are only built for one season.

So why am I praising them for good quality?

While shopping at Ross, I’ve learned a few things. I’ve learned what is a deal and what is a disposable item.

I should mention that I am the daughter of the best fashion designer in the world (in my opinion).

My mom worked in the clothing fashion industry for about 15 years before she was disabled.

She specialized in quality control and her job was to literally check every single garment for the quality of the stitch.

Not a glamorous job, but she loved it.

And it taught her (and indirectly me) how to shop for the best quality items, even if you’re buying them from a cheaper store.

Believe me when I tell you, my mom and I have went to higher end places (I won’t name names) that have t-shirts for $75 and their stitching is awful.

And if you’ve been here a while, you know I’m always sharing tips on finding deals at the Dollar Tree, Costco, and other places to get the most out of your dollar.

So, finding deals on garments that are good quality for a great price is something I take pride in.

But, enough of the back story, you want to know how to buy good quality clothes at Ross and I’m gonna tell you.

Here are 7 tips for buying good quality clothes at Ross.

Tip 1- Look for name brands

If you don’t already know, Ross gets surplus supplies from big retailers.

You can easily find great brand names like Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and so many others.

With name brands, you still should check the stitching, but almost always, they are better quality than any non-name brand item you’ll pick up.

Tip 2- Treasure hunt

Shopping at Ross isn’t easy. Many people find it overwhelming because of the overstocked racks of clothing and items everywhere. It’s hard to find something that speaks to you.

I get it. I find myself in this boat sometimes as well.

But, just like any place that has good deals, it’s worth digging around.

I’ve found so many deals that people are amazed I got for $20 or less.

In fact, I found this black dress with sewn beads (ladies, you know how nice this is when they are sewn on and not glued, haha) for less than $20.

ross fashion
The time I was at one of my best friend’s wedding, dress for $20.

It was by far one of the most commented-on dresses in my wardrobe. People were shocked when I told them where I bought it. And the cherry on top was that it was suuuuuper comfortable.

Tip 3- Go on their shipment days

Every Ross branch has a specific shipment day. If you go that day or the day after, chances are you’ll find some really awesome items. Things you won’t find on a regular basis.

Tip 4- Location, location, location

Not all Ross stores are created equal. I have a Ross store in my local mall that barely has anything, so if I have time, I take the extra 15 minutes and go to the next nearest one because their inventory is sooo much better!

Yes, I’m using up more gas and more time, but ultimately, I walk out of the store with what I need, and that is well worth it to me.

Tip 5- Go frequently

I know that as a frugal blogger, I should encourage you to only go shopping when you absolutely have to. But, in this one case, I make an exception.

Dropping by when you have a chance gives you much more variety and you can spot the deals much more than if you went when you need the item right now.

Chances are if you need the item right now, it won’t be conveniently available (unless you’re really lucky!).

So, shopping frequently (you don’t have to buy anything) will allow you to see the items you have on your list and get the best deals.

Tip 6- Stitches are important

ross dresses
At my cousin’s engagement party, dress for $15.

As mentioned previously, whatever clothing item you are buying, pay attention to the stitch. It should be even along the garment and it should be straight. It should also be snug and not loose.

You don’t want to end up buying something that comes apart the first time you wash it. This has happened to me before and is pretty disappointing. Talk about disposable clothing!

Tip 7- Be patient

Ross is not a high end department store. But, you can find some high end pieces that will last you a long time. But, you have to be patient.

Be prepared to go in and not find what you need the first go around.

Sometimes, you will have to sift through the mess, but, with a little time, you’ll find some really great clothing that will look great on you and you’ll be proud to wear.

Ultimately, with anywhere you shop, it’s important that you look for quality, then price. That way, you are ensuring that you will buy something that will last longer and save you money in the long run.

As I mentioned earlier, I am not a fan of fast fashion. I don’t want to keep having to buy the same t-shirt every year because it keeps getting messed up.

I’m all about classic pieces that withstand the trend era. So, I’d rather go treasure hunting at Ross for that perfect, timeless piece than shop at a trendy story for double the price and half the shelf life.

What is your favorite store to shop for good quality clothing at a bargain price?

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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