Make smart money moves without severe lifestyle changes.

Let’s transform the way you think about saving money and building wealth with simple financial strategies that empower you to live the life you truly deserve.

Who is the Saving Whiz?

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Hi, I’m Gina Zakaria!

I’m a wife, mom, and personal finance expert. Most notably, I’m a recovering spender turned Saving Whiz, but you may know me from social media where I help over 3 million followers become savvy spenders and Super Savers using grocery hacks, budgeting tips, and debt freedom facts.

I help you become more intentional with your money so you can spend on what matters most to you.

I take complex financial strategies and break them down into simple, easy-to-follow actionable steps that can be implemented into our every day lives.

I believe there's no shame when it comes to talking about money — and I teach in open and honest ways.

I understand not everyone has the same financial goals — or even the same desired lifestyle — so I personalize my approach based on exactly what you want to achieve.

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small steps transform your finances

Simple Secrets to
Becoming a Saving Whiz

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed, Take Control of Your Money, and Create the Lifestyle You Want

I finally did it! I’ve taken everything I know and have successfully practiced and put it into simple steps to help you take back control over your personal finances and find a place of financial security.

In my book, I share my personal journey of how I managed to accumulate over $105,000 in credit card debt and how I transformed my entire life through simple and seemingly insignificant but intentional actions that didn’t turn my lifestyle upside-down.

I wrote this book for you — to share the simple secrets that helped me become a Saving Whiz, so you can become one, too! Learn how to:

  • Gain financial confidence by breaking down your goals into easily achievable milestones.
  • Use easy-to-implement grocery budgeting tips and shopping strategies to save money with simple routines.
  • Thrive by understanding the basics of bills, savings strategies, and debt reduction by learning my “3A Method.”


I’m excited to share this resources to help you make lasting positive changes in your financial well-being. 

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Stuck. Overwhelmed. Ashamed. Alone.

Does this describe the way you feel towards finances?

You may have tried to fix your finances in the past, only to end up feeling more frustrated than ever.

You want the FREEDOM to spend money without feeling guilty.

You’re done living paycheck to paycheck. And you’re tired of having to figure it out all alone without any support or guidance.

Total Control

No More
Pay-to-Pay Cycle

Fix Your Credit

You Are Never Alone

Become a Super Saver

You Deserve to Feel Confident with Your Finances.

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3 Easy Steps to
Financial Freedom.

I'll show you exactly how to find more money in your budget, to use it on things that matter to YOU, without sacrificing your lifestyle in the process.


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Stop Thinking About What You Can't Have and Start Thinking About What You CAN Have.

Focus on finding the money that’s already in your budget, so you can spend on things that matter to you the most.


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