3 Must-Have Nighttime Habits to Spend Less Money

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A solid nighttime routine can set you up for success can make a big impact on your finances. The steps you take at night will determine how you spend money the next day.

Having a nighttime routine can make it easier to stay on track with saving money, even when your days are hectic.  

Here are 3 Nighttime habits that Help You Spend Less Money

1- Make Tomorrow’s Meals

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A common tip in the personal finance space when advising on areas to save money is the tip of taking your lunch to work. Many of us can agree that it’s a great way to save money. But, we’re often rushed in the morning, which makes it hard to execute.  

The best way to combat the challenge is to make your work meals ahead of time. Taking just 15 minutes to pack your lunch the night before will ensure that you have lunch ready to go no matter how busy you get in the morning. 

To make it even easier, cook a little extra dinner each night to take it as leftovers the next day. That way, there is nothing extra to prepare, you just simply pop the leftovers in a container and stick it in your lunch bag. 

Done and done!

Take it a step further and at least partially prepare your breakfast the night before as well. Taking just a couple of extra steps at night to prep for tomorrow will make a big difference. Set your cereal or oatmeal bowl out with spoon or put your bagels next to the toaster.

Setting up even just will shave off valuable minutes in your morning when they seem to fly by like nobody’s business. 

Because I tend to get tired and lazy after dinner, I like to start preparing my lunch while I’m cooking dinner. Pasta takes about 8 minutes to cook, so I work fast to get prep my lunch while it’s boiling. This way, once I’m done with dinner, I clean up the kitchen and I’m done. 

Find the time that would work best for you in the evening. The important thing here is finding that 10-15 minutes per night to get it done.

Trust me, it will make a huge difference in the morning and help you save money on your food budget.

2- Clean Your Kitchen

nighttime routine

I’ve never heard of a person who enjoys cooking in a messy kitchen. I, for one, am not a huge fan of cooking in general (truth be told). But, I make it a point to feed my family well and sticking to my grocery budget, so cooking at home is essential. 

But, there’s something about having a messy kitchen that makes me want to immediately throw in the towel and go to a drive thru. 

To avoid this, I make sure that I take the 10-15 minutes to clean up that nights mess and go to sleep with a clean kitchen. 

Dishes are easier to clean the day of as well. Have you ever tried to clean a dish that has dried up food on it from the day before? You’ll likely spend double the time trying to clean it the next day. 

Having an organized and tidy kitchen is more inviting than a messy one. It will make it easier to cook at home. 

And you and I both know, family meals at home cost a fraction of what they do at restaurants, or even at fast food joints. 

The simple step of cleaning your kitchen each night helps encourage you to stay on track with cooking at home and saving hundreds of dollars per month. 

3- Check in with Your Budget

check in with your budget

We all have busy days. And we have the best intentions with sticking to our spending plan and budget. But, chances are we underestimate the amount we actually spend each day. I’m always surprised at how many receipts I collect in a day.

Checking in on your budget and spending daily will help you recognize when spending was over or under and will help you make better decisions the following day. 

Checking in helps remind you of your goals.

Being mindful of your spending is a powerful way to curb your impulse purchases and make better spending decisions the following day. 

Think of it as your daily money journal, a way for you to reflect on your daily money wins and challenges. 

Checking in on your budget and spending also helps you recognize any fraudulent activity that may be happening. If you are well aware of your spending, it makes it easier to track when a purchase is not yours. 

Having a strong nighttime routine sets you up for success the following day. Spending 15-30 minutes each night can improve your financial health.

Mastering your new nighttime routine may take a bit of time, but it’s well worth the commitment.

Being financially savvy during the day is a direct result of planning and preparing ahead of time.

There’s no better time to prepare than the night before. 

Routines only work as much as you do. Your nighttime routine can have a direct impact on your money. It better prepares you are to make solid financial decisions the next day. 

Being on a debt free journey isn’t easy. But, when you commit to a solid nighttime routine, you’ll have a greater chance of success.

What nighttime habit do practice that helps you spend less?

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