Easy Vegan Mexican Quinoa Corn Salad

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Mexican Quinoa Corn Salad

Quinoa is such a healthy alternative to the traditional grain. It gives you more protein and can fill you up for hours. Made right, it also tastes great and can add a lot to a healthy menu.

Quinoa sounds like such a fancy ingredient. It might even sound like an expensive ingredient. But, I find that if you buy it in bulk, let’s say from Costco or Sam’s Club, you can get a lot for your money and it’s shelf life is pretty long.

I get mine from Costco and it costs between $7- $9 and the portion can last about 6 -8 months with no change in flavor or nutritional value.

Quinoa is Healthier than Traditional Grains

Since I’m always looking to add more healthy components to my recipes, I really wanted to use quinoa to enhance this salad.

In most salads I’ve tried that include quinoa, they’ve always been a bit bland and dry.

I wanted to eat healthy without it feeling so “healthy” aka bland and dull.

So, I decided to make my own version of a Mexican Corn Salad and added a bunch of healthy ingredients and almost none of the fat (with the exception of the olive oil and cheese, both still healthy in my book).

Perfect for Picnics

Ever since making this dish, it has been a regular picnic item and is so low maintenance that we pack with us on long road trips. It’s been quite an obsession of mine since I first made it.

I’ll be honest, it is the BEST quinoa salad I’ve ever made and I’m so hooked that I take every opportunity when hanging out with a crowd to make it. It’s so versatile because I can make it vegan (as I’m doing here) or non-vegan by just adding cotija cheese, which makes it pretty amazing!

It feeds at least 6-8 people, and psst…between me and you, I once ate the entire thing over the span of a day.

I know, I know… self-control right?

I will say, if you actually eat this in moderation (do as I say and not as I do), it’s a pretty healthy salad and tastes amazing!

Well enough of the confession session, let’s get on with this crazy good recipe!

Quinoa Mexican Corn Salad- Ingredients:

Uncooked quinoa, 1 cup (I get this from Costco for about nine dollars and it makes quite a bit of meals, lasted me about 6 months)

Corn, 1 can rinsed and drained (I get it on sale for about 50 cents per can)

Black beans, 1 can rinsed and drained (same as the corn)

Roma tomato (1), finely diced (I can usually find them at the international grocery stores priced at 50 cents per pound)

Green onion (1), green and white chopped (I can usually find 3 bunches for $1.00)

1 lime, squeezed (I buy 10 for 99 cents)

½ cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (I get 1 gallon of Genco brand for around $8 when it’s on sale)

Salt & Pepper to taste

Cook the quinoa according to the instructions. Season with salt to taste (just like you’d season rice). Once cooked, place the quinoa into a large bowl while still hot.

Gently mix in the corn, black beans, tomato and onion until it’s well mixed.

Add the lime juice, olive oil, and pepper. Fluff the quinoa until it is evenly coated.

Devour, enjoy, go back for seconds, and thank me later.

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