Top 12 Easter Items to Buy from the Dollar Tree

easter items at the dollar tree

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The Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places to shop for Easter.

If you’ve been here a while, you know that I love shopping at the Dollar Tree in general.

I’ve even written a couple of posts about what to buy and what to avoid from the Dollar Tree.

With Springtime just around the corner, and Easter quickly approaching, this is the perfect time to start shopping for Easter basket items.

Lately, with all the rain we’ve gotten in California this year, I’m completely over the moon to jump into Spring!

I welcome all the bright and cheery colors that the Dollar Tree has to offer in their Easter selection.

With Easter just in a few weeks, I thought I’d take you along with me to do some shopping for Easter baskets and stuffers at the Dollar Tree.

I usually find great stuff for this season and you really can’t beat the price.

I found so many great toys and basket items to create at least 20 different versions of Easter baskets that any kid would love.

Here’s what I found:


Amazing baskets! They had sports themed, assorted colors, shapes, sizes, and even finishes.

There were literally so many baskets it was hard to choose. Here are just some of the baskets they had that I thought were super cute.

Dollar Tree Easter Baskets
easter items at the dollar tree
Easter baskets at the dollar tree

Rubik’s Cubes

I used to love playing with rubik’s cubes when I was a kid. And I remember that they were sold at Toys R Us for $6 or $7, so getting a rubik’s cube look-alike for a buck is a steal.

easter rubik's cube dollar tree

Any kid will be occupied for hours doing something productive. It’s a great way to get them peeled off of their technology and playing with something entertaining and educational.

And to think you only have to spend a dollar. Pretty great deal.

Silly Putty

This might age me, but silly putty was the jam when I was a kid. Now, they sell the name brand silly putty at the Dollar Tree! Unbelievable!

silly putty from dollar tree

I got so excited when I saw them on the shelf my daughter thought I was crazy, haha.

But, silly putty is so much fun to play with and it never dries out or gets weird (at least it didn’t with me) because it comes with it’s own container.

It comes in an assortment of colors and provides hours of playtime.

I love silly putty!

Easter Egg Colored Chalk

dollar tree easter egg sidewalk chalk

This is such a great price for 6 extra large chalk eggs in all Easter colors. Kids who like to color will love this in their basket.

Even adults will have fun drawing on the sidewalk with their kids. Playing with sidewalk chalk makes for a lot of family fun that all ages will enjoy.

easter egg sidewalk chalk dollar tree

My kids are 12 and 17 and still enjoy playing with sidewalk chalk. I love that it comes in an egg container, it’s super cute.

Cellophane Bags

easter basket cellophane bags dollar tree

You can make your Easter basket look super sophisticated and professional just by adding cellophane to it. It will not only hold the contents in the basket, it gives the kids something to unwrap.

basket cellophane bags dollar tree

It makes it special and fun.

Here’s a quick tip!

After you’ve tied off the cellophane bag to your basket. Put your blow dryer setting to medium and run it about 10 inches away from the bag.

The heat of the blow dryer will shrink the bag to fit perfectly around the basket and the contents.

It makes it look super professional, like one you would buy!

It’s one of my secret tricks that I use when I create gift baskets.

Bubble Sticks

easter toys at the dollar tree

What kid doesn’t like bubble sticks?

I mean, I’m a grown adult and I absolutely love bubble sticks. The great thing is that it sends the kids outside for some sun and some fun.

Totally didn’t mean to rhyme there, but let’s go with it, haha.

Kids love to play with bubbles, and you’re getting 4 for one dollar, you can make multiple baskets for such a small price.

You really can’t go wrong, and the packaging is so stinkin’ cute!

Stuffed animals

dollar tree easter bunnies

I think the selection at the Dollar Tree this year with their stuffed animals is the best yet. Usually you find their stuffed animals are flimsy and not really that cute.

But, this year, it was different.

I’m not sure why the selection was this awesome this year. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I went earlier in the day or that I shopped several weeks before Easter?

In any case, the stuffed animal selection is great.

Even better is the fact that they are miniature, so they fit perfectly inside any of the baskets they have the Dollar Tree.

Paddle Ball

Okay….I’m not really sure what it’s called. But, it is a paddle with a ball attached to it by a long rubber band.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Check out the picture below for reference.

Easter toys from the dollar tree

These are so much fun!

It’s funny, this toy often turns a game into a competition between kids to see how many bounces they can make without the ball missing the paddle.

It keeps them entertained for a while and it’s a lot of fun.

Even better is the fact that it also fits perfectly into the Easter basket.


Good chocolate at that!

russell stover easter chocolate dollar tree

The Dollar Tree sells Russell Stover (one my faves) and other name brand chocolates for Easter.

And you already know that the price is definitely going to beat the drug store or grocery store.

It’s a steal for name brand, seasonal chocolate for Easter.

Egg tray

egg tray dollar tree

I know this is not a toy, but I thought it was super cute. You can use it to store the colored Easter eggs that you’re preparing to the Easter Egg hunt.

These trays come in a variety of colors and they hold about 2 dozen eggs.

It’s a pretty good deal and helps you keep your Easter eggs from rolling on the floor.

Practical and cute. And of course, just a dollar!

Pinball Game

easter pin ball game dollar tree basket stuffer

These are super cute and festive.

This will keep kids occupied and is really a great buy for boys and girls.

It’s entertaining and fun to play. Kids will be excited to get this in their basket.

There are literally tons of different toys and items that you can choose from, and any kid would be excited if these ended up in their basket.

Here are a couple of possible basket combinations.

I made one Easter basket for each gender just to give you an idea.

diy easter baskets with fillers from dollar tree

I forgot to mention, they have the off brand Lego people that come in 2 in a pack for a dollar at the Dollar Tree.

They are compatible to the Lego parts, from what I gather.

They also have many different types of people and they seem to be decent quality.

So, if you have a Lego lover, save your money and head to the Dollar Tree now, you’ll find all the people the kiddos will ever need to live in their built Lego cities.

To be quite honest, when I decided to write this post and went shopping at the Dollar Tree, I had no idea that I would find such treasures for the Easter festivities.

I literally and vocally got really excited and my 12 year old daughter go excited too.

You see, she was my tester for all of these Easter great finds.

Because I’m old in her eyes, my taste isn’t always the “coolest”. But, with these finds, she was just as excited as I was and even helped me gather some things for her cousins.

We are going to have a blast making these baskets.

And our little kiddos in the family are going to have hours of fun with them.

I can’t wait to see their cute little smiling faces when they get their baskets.

I’d love to know what you found at your local Dollar Tree for Easter basket stuffers.

Comment below and share what you found. Can’t wait to read all about your finds!

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