17 Must Have Items You Need to Buy from the Dollar Tree

dollar tree must haves

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I love going to the Dollar Tree with my girls at least once a week. It’s somewhat of a pastime of mine.

It’s so fun looking at all of the new items that come in each week and I absolutely love their seasonal goodies.

I’ve been shopping at the Dollar Tree for more than 15 years now and I can tell you, there are some things I don’t buy anywhere else.

Sure, there are some items that I skip, either because I’ve tried them and they didn’t quite work out or I’ve found them cheaper (yes, cheaper) at the grocery store.

But, for the most part, the Dollar Tree has a lot to offer the frugal and budget conscious shopper.

I love taking my kids with me and they love tagging along. Once we get in the store, we all scatter to our favorite aisles and start looking at all the goodies.

I let them each pick out an item to take home with us. It sounds like nothing, but we shop there so often that they’ve built collections of Dollar Tree items.

Many of my favorites are items I go back for visit after visit.

In fact, I have a HUGE Dollar Tree Hot or Not Buy List Printable for you!

Some of their items are impressively good quality and the price is seriously unbeatable.

Here are 15 items I always buy from the Dollar Tree:

1-Wrapping Paper/Tissue Paper/Gift Bags

I haven’t found a better place to get gift wrapping items that are cheaper, with the exception of Big Lots when they have a wrapping paper deal during the holidays.

To me, nothing beats the selection of bags and accessories and they come at the lowest price I’ve seen. Have I mentioned how cute the bags are for all occasions?

They’re easily comparable to what you find at Target or Wal-Mart at five times the price. I’ve been known to make a special trip if I’ve run out, even if that means I’m going on the way to the party and wrapping it in the car, ha ha.

2-Betty Crocker Kitchen Tools and Containers

I absolutely love their Betty Crocker line of kitchen tools and storage containers. I’ve had some of my tools and containers for years and they still work and look great!

The spatulas you find for $4 and more at a kitchen tool section at any store can totally be beat by the Betty Crocker spatula for $1.

It’s silicone, easy to use, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and lasts a really long time.

3-Organizing Containers

There are some that I am not fond of, but if you look thoroughly, you could find some decent containers that are good quality that come in an array of colors and can go with any style or home decor.

I love that they offer white in almost every container size because it goes with everything.

I love their drawer organizers that have the gripped lining! These sell at the container store for so much more!

I can’t believe that they sell them for a dollar (I should probably stop saying that before they change their name to Dollar Plus Tree).

4-Movie Snacks

Nothing, I mean nothing beats the Dollar Tree movie snacks. They are the same exact snacks you find for $5-$7 at the concession stand at the movie theater and almost the exact same size.

They are fresh and delicious and I sneak them in my large bag with no shame. Comment down below if you’re a movie snack hustler, haha.

Dollar Tree Candy

Their Stacks chips are also a bargain. Every grocery store I’ve been to has a sale with these chips and the lowest price I saw was 1.25 each (4 fo $5).

These are still cheaper and great for movie nights at home. I will not be sneaking these in to the theater, so don’t worry.

5-Nail Polish

Coming from a lady who is utterly obsessed with at home mani’s/pedi’s, I can tell you that their nail polish selection is awesome.

I have bottles of Esse and Orly, but these L.A. girl nail polishes have a nice wide brush, glide on smoothly (most of the time streak-free) and last a long time if you have a good top coat (I’m using Out the Door these days).

Did I mention that their color selection is unbeatable? Really, they have practically all of the colors of the rainbow and then some.

6-Seasonal Items

Every year, I look forward to their seasonal goodies because they generally bring in new items or old items that were a hit the season before.

Even now, I have items that I put out every year that came from the Dollar Tree as far back as 10 years ago. The items are cute and some can be spray painted to go with any decor.

Their selection can be spruced up if you’re into crafts. Although, if you’re into crafts, you probably already knew that.

7-School Supplies

Every year, I check the Dollar Tree for their school supplies before going to the other stores.

The reason is because if I can make a mental list of what they have on hand, then when I shop at the other stores, I can easily compare prices.

If it’s less than a dollar, good bargain. More than a dollar, the Dollar Tree has me covered. Be careful to look at quantities though, the per unit price can get you if you’re not careful.

8-Cleaning tools

I used to spend about $15 (no lie) at Costco for their sponges and another $20 (again, not lying) for a pack of 8-10 rubber dish washing gloves.

This was back in my frivolous spending days.

The Dollar Tree has great sponges that work just fine. I don’t know about you, but I switch out my sponges pretty often (about once a month) because they start to smell if they are not wrung out properly and also because they house bacteria.

I’m much happier throwing away a 20 cent sponge than a $2 sponge. A sponge is a sponge, there isn’t extra magic that comes from spending more on the same product.

Dollar Tree sponges

The dish washing gloves at the Dollar Tree are decent. They last me about 3-4 weeks. I will admit that the Costco quality is much better.

They last me about 4 months before I need to throw them out (sometimes longer).

But, honestly they never have my size, and I just don’t want to spend double the price for gloves. I’ll stick with the Dollar Tree version until I find a better deal elsewhere.


Their Mylar balloons are awesome.

They have so many to choose from and you’ll never find them cheaper anywhere else. Party City charges $5-$7 per balloon, sometimes more.

Yes, the Party City balloons are bigger, but just get a couple more from the Dollar Tree to make a balloon bouquet. You’ll still spend less, I’m almost sure of it.


If I have coupons and there is sale at a drugstore for toothpaste, I’ll stock up, because they can be cheaper than the Dollar Tree at times.

But generally speaking, they have name brand toothpaste (and sometimes toothbrushes) for a great price.


Dollar Tree makeup

I have found some great e.l.f. and Wet ‘n’ Wild makeup and tools at the Dollar Tree and have been using the tools for years!

I even once found Maybelline baby face lip balm there and I was doing the happy dance. I don’t buy the non-name brand makeup because I’ve tried it and it’s not good quality.

But, if you ever find the name brand items, they’re worth looking into for a dollar. Did I mention I could be classified as a makeup hoarder? Ha ha.

12-Mailing Supplies

I buy my envelopes, bubble wrap, and any other mailing supplies I need from the Dollar Tree and it saves me a ton of money.

Have you looked at the Post Office prices? Enough said, head to the Dollar Tree for these. You won’t be sorry.

13-Greeting Cards

Dollar Tree greeting cards

I love perusing through the greeting card section when I know an event is coming up. They have a huge selection and even have some in Spanish in my area!

Some are a little plain, but there are some that are really nice and could easily go for more than 4 or 5 times the amount they’re sold at the Dollar Tree.

They have all the occasions too, which I love. Even the specific ones, like a bridal shower, wedding, friendship, etc. I can’t say enough great things about their greeting cards.

Did I mention their holiday cards for Christmas and Valentines day? Ah-mazing!

14-Pet Supplies

The Dollar Tree carries bowls, dog bones, toys for cats and dogs, cute leashes and collars, and other great bargain items.

You won’t find everything there, but you can certainly find enough of the items you need to save a ton of cash. Anyone of you who has owned a pet knows how expensive it can get.

Why not try out the Dollar Tree for at least some of the items on your list? I used to buy my dog some of the dog toys for Christmas from the Dollar Tree and they were great.

Bigger dogs may destroy the toys a lot faster though, so just use your judgement on what you think would last.

15-Coffee Mugs

reducing your electric bill

I love gifting people with coffee mugs, and I love that the Dollar Tree has a seasonal selection as well as general selection to choose from. Crafters, this is where you could shine as well.

So many things can be done with these mugs and you can practically gift them for any occasion.

I love to gift on a budget, if you enjoy some gifting tips when you’re on a tight budget, check out this article I wrote last Christmas season.

16-Puzzles, activity books and other reading materials

My kids love the activity books to work on together as a family. So many hours of quality time and all I spent was a dollar.

It seriously can’t get any better than this. The puzzles are fun too and they have a good variety.

They sell the Bible! If you’re not a religious person, you can totally skip to the next item, but I think this is awesome because it makes God’s word accessible to anyone.

My church sells them for $10-$15.

17-The Awesome brand cleaner

This isn’t one that I’ve tried personally, but several of you raved about it when I posted the 15 things you should never buy from the Dollar Tree.

I’m definitely going to try out for myself soon! This awesome cleaner is said to be everything it’s name describes. Some of you use it for kitchen cleaning, floors, even carpet stains with success!

Let me know what other items you are obsessed with from the Dollar Tree in the comments below.

Who knows, if there are enough comments with items not mentioned here, I may have a part 2!

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17 Responses

  1. Just wanted to say how great the cleaner Awesome is. I use it for cleaning base boards, doors, window sills, white refrigerators, stoves, etc. Anything white comes out amazing. No bleach so you don’t have to worry about the carpet.

  2. The red and white Betty Crocker scissors at Dollar Tree are the best! I have to cut laminated visuals at work, plus paper and these do the job and last! The teacher I work with and I buy these 6 at a time. We use them a lot, they disappear or get “lost” so we keep several of them in stock. The handles are padded too ( I have arthritis). Awesome is awesome! I overheard a worker at a thrift shop say it will take stains outout of clothes! It is super! Sometimes it takes several washings, especially if it has been through the dryer. Good article!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Debbie! I love your tips! I was literally thinking of picking up those red and white scissors just last week. Now, I’ll be sure to get them!!
      Cleaning stains out of clothes?? Omg, I have to try them…wonder if it works on colors…

  3. Yes..the awesome works on virtually anything whites and colors. Walls, furniture, kitchen,bathroom, even to mop floors. If you put it directly on to the stain it will not damage anything. Use it on your laundry it works great.

    1. Years ago i found Nutter Butter Wafer cookies. S5 at Kroger. Didn’t mind sharing with all teenagers at my house for weeks, i had my own stash. Always walk through the food and candy isles. Name brands come and go.Awesome is amazing for cleaning anything and comes in its own spray bottle too. Not fan of its smell, yes everything gets clean so to make house smell fresh the Purple Fabuloso is great. Make sure water is hot pour small amount in bath and kitchen sinks fill with hot water and let the aromas take over.

      1. During spring for Easter they have straw hats in many pastel colors. Also just in time for the Kentucky Derby gathering our family had. We bought silk flowers, hot glue guns and made our own hats, all for less than $1.50 each. We had so much fun and made great family memories for the younger girls.

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