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The Saving Whiz newsletter is rapidly growing and currently sends a weekly email to over 17,000 readers. Each weekly newsletter shares stories of my personal finance journey, and lifestyle tips to save money, budget better, pay off debt, and build wealth, all while readers get to enjoy their life and afford the things they love most.  

My most popular emails share tips on cutting your grocery bill and saving money the easy way, both offering insight to simplify the road to wealth for readers, and empowering them to make smarter money moves. 

Interested in sponsoring the Saving Whiz newsletter? Great! Here are a few details: 

  • 17,525 readers

  • 40-45% open rates

  • Sent once a week on Mondays. 

  • 89% of the audience are women between the ages of 25-44 who want to achieve financial independence. 

I’m interested in working with brands that help customers create a lifestyle that builds better financial habits and improves their personal finances. If your product helps customers enhance their lives affordably, saves them money, or enables them to stick to their budget, then our missions align!

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